18.9 First meeting with Japanese and Finnish pancake :9

Ada visit my place in Hervanta at 15:30. We enjoyed Okonomiyaki which is Japanese style of pancake and Finnish pancake for dessert. We divide time in 2 at first, we spoke in Finnish in first 20min. We spoke in Japanese in second 20min.

Here is what I learnt
Mihin aikaan bussi tulee?=Milloin bussi tulee?
From what time the bus come?=What time the bus come?
Kauanko olet ollut Suomessa? How long have you been in Finland?
Kauanko olet Suomessa? How long you are in Finland?
Precise tarkka
more precise tarkeampi
most precise tarkin

Etko mennut kouluun? Didn´t you want go to school?
Etko mene Kouluun? Don´t you go to school?

Also we started to exchange diary. I wrote first diary in Japanese and Finnish and Ada will check my Finnish and correct it for me next time(However Ada checked my Finnish already in a diary though) 😉

My Japanese diary
My Japanese diary
My Finnish diary
My Finnish diary

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