2. Meeting at Eveliina’s apartment

For our second meeting we met at TAMK. Our plan was to go to a nearby high school where there should have been an event for native German speakers and Finnish German learners. But somehow there wasn’t anything. The next approach was to find a café in walking distance to the school, but we didn’t find one and it was raining so much that we were already completely wet after a short time. That’s the reason why we finally decided to go to Evelina’s apartment and drink coffee/tee there.

Her apartment is really cozy and after a hot cup of tea I didn’t freeze anymore.

Eveliina told me about her plans to go on a trip to Munich at the end of October, where I am studying /living for two years now. So I told her about a few things she definitely has to see, like the Leopoldstreet with really pompous old buildings, the English Garden with the surfers on the river called “Eisbach” and if there is enough time the castle “Schloss Neuschwanstein” in the Alps.

And of course I told her what special Bavarian food she has to try. Especially in a beer garden most people eat either “Obazda”, that’s a mixture of different kind of cheese, or Bavarian veal sausage together with a pretzel. Both are very tasty!! 🙂

Then she showed me a video she has found on YouTube. It was about the differences between German language and Bavarian dialect. She couldn’t believe that both of them were still the same language because it sounded so completely different to her and that I could understand.

Later I told her about my plans to visit the Kolin National Park, which should be really beautiful. Unfortunately I had problems with finding a connection from Tampere to Kolin, because some websites were just in Finnish. So Eveliina looked it up for me and we found a way to get there, but it is quite expensive and circuitous.

Furthermore we were talking about movies and that in Finland nothing gets translated but in Germany nearly everything. I think it is very comfortable to have all movies/series translated into German but Eveliina said that it would be very strange for her to see a movie not in the original language.

We also chatted about a lot of other things like Christmas food, her German class at University and so forth and it was really nice to find out so much about Finland.

For our next meeting we have planned to make Munkkis on our own. I am so looking forward to that. 🙂

Hei Hei

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