2nd Meeting German/Dutch/Spanish at Stockmann

Today I had the second meeting with my Each One Teach One partners Sam & Diego. Since the weather was not really good, we decided to do something inside. The first idea we had was to go to Stockmann.

As a group we walked around at Stockmann and picked out different items that we saw. Everybody told the other guys what this item is called in his native language. Diego told us how people from Uruguay pronounce some words differently than Spanish-speaking people from Europe. For example, he pronounces the “ll” in a word rather different than people from Spain. When naming the items, he also told us about how masculine items have the articles el/los and feminin items have la/las as articles.

After we did that for about half an hour, we went to the 3rd floor-Cafe in Stockmann´s. While having a coffee, we reviewed the items that we learned and went over them once again. This helped a lot with remembering all the new words. Here is a small list of some of the words that we picked out today:

la camisa -> the shirt

la camiseta -> the t-shirt

la almohada -> the pillow

la cabija -> the blanket

la lampara -> the lamp

el plato -> the plate

el cuchillo -> the knife

la mesa -> the table


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