EOTO De – Kor #3+4

So, we went through 3rd and 4th meetings pretty well and I would talk briefly about them here.


Rare picture of my team studying seriously

  • German 

Because I’m coming to Germany soon so Rossi taught me some basic German words, like danke (thanks), bitte (please), entchuldigung (sorry), mein name ist… (my name is…) and some questions such as wie alt bist du? (how old are you?), wie viel…? (how much…?), wo ist…? (where is…?). I’m always terrible at direction, so the survival words I wanna learn in every language are left (links) and right (rechts), which could be really useful for my trip.

Some German words being very closed to English ones made me feel like “Okay, I’m done. I can move to Germany”. But after that, while trying to practice with my friend, I realized still long way left actually…

  • Korean

I have been using 하고 있다 to express present progressive tense in Korean but now I have got another one to use: 하는 중이다 (in the middle of doing). Well, I got excited and use it for daily talk with my friends.

                                          kakaotalk_20160929_195903206    kakaotalk_20160929_195903523

*I was saying “I’m studying”


*And this one is about “I’m eating”

Don’t know why but Koreans seem like asking “What are you doing?” all over time, or at least my friends do, always. Good to know this grammar!!

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