FIN/SWE – Fifth Date

Our fifth meeting already! This is going well.

So, this time we met at my place for a Baking Night. Well, we met at Kaleva Prisma to buy blue berries and vanilla sauce. Then we went to my place to do the baking.

I think this time around our meeting was a little bit more Swedish heavy, since the recipe we followed was in Swedish. However, I have to say I am impressed of how interested and motivated Elli is to learn. She translated the whole recipe, and even though not all of the words were familiar (it’s not every day you “skär smöret i bitar“) she didn’t give up!

Myself, I almost never use recipes in Finnish whilst baking but maybe I should start. I surprised myself with how many words I actually know so it wouldn’t be a complete disaster at least (with the Finnish recipes). Of course a few words came up I didn’t know:

  • Mututuntuma – Ögonmått – “Gut feeling”
  • Leivinpaperi – Bakplåtspapper – Baking paper
  • Pelti – Bakplåt – Baking sheet
  • Taikina – Deg – Dough
  • Voidella – Smöra – To grease

I think there were some other words as well, but I can’t remember them (and I forgot to write them down..). Elli also pointed out some grammar mistakes when I spoke a little bit Finnish. Thankfully she  doesn’t need to correct everything I say (or she’s just kind and lets me think I’m better at Finnish than I am).


This was a really nice night. And the blueberry pie (mustikkapiirakka, blåbärspaj) turned out amazing! Next time we’ll probably have a spa-night with red whine or something equally as fancy.

Until next time, Hej då!

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