The fifth meeting

Yay! Today was great! I learned so much and had such good time with Ida! Yay!

I’m going to start with my list of the words we translated:

  • Mix – sekoittaa – blenda
  • Wheat flour – vehnäjauho – vetemjöl
  • Granulated sugar – kidesokeri – strösocker
  • Baking powder – bakpulver – leivinjauhe
  • To cut – leikata – skär
  • To melt – sulattaa – smälta
  • Pour – kaataa – häll
  • Dough – taikina – degen
  • Cake tin ? – piirakkavuoka – parjform
  • To grease – voidella – smöra

As you may guess, we were baking! We baked a delicious blueberry pie and ate some mozzarella sticks also. Ida introduced me to this English TV-show called Merlin and I guess I have to watch the whole series now… One does not simply just leave it to one episode.

As I said, I feel like I really learned a lot this time. It’s super cool to start understanding Swedish more and more and just get used to it. I definitely find this the best way for me to learn Swedish at the moment. All of our meetings are just non-stop learning since Ida speaks Swedish all the time and I answer her in Finnish. It’s simple, it’s perfect, it works.

For our next meeting we’re planning a girls’ wine night!


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