Spanglish #2

Hello everyone!

Anna and Edgar again! ¡Cuánto tiempo!

Long time no see, eh? We’ve been quite pre-occupied with school stuff lately, and even though we kept on meeting at least twice a week, I sadly couldn’t manage to map out a tiny little bit of time to post about our meetings straight away. Sorry about that, shame on me. But I guess, pretty much everyone facing the same kind of issue. So, I beg your unbelievable pardon and we’ll keep on going.

Since our last educational meeting was fully focused on Edgar learning English, we figured, it’d be great for me to learn some useful spanish phrases I could use when I’m in Spain.

So I learnt there might be plenty of ways to greet a person in Spanish:

Good morning — Buenas dias (well, I was kinda familiar with this one)

Good afternoon — Buenas tardes

Good evening — Buenas notes (was kind of familiar with this one, too)

Hello (general greeting) — ¡Hola!

when you’re speaking on the phone, Hello might turn into:


¿SI? (Still haven’t quite figured how to type the question mark upside down)


¿Alo? (that reminds me of russian way to pick up the phone)

and same old ¡Hola! (seriously, what’s wrong with the upside down marks? why would you stress a word twice??)

How are you — ¿Como esta usted? (formal) ¿Como estas? (informal)

What’s your name — ¿Como te llamas?

My name is Anna, nice meeting you! — Me llamo Anna/ Mi hombre es Anna, mucho gusto!

Where are you from? — ¿De donde eres?

I’m from Moscow — Soy de Moscu

(and many-many more)

You should’ve heard the accent… when I tried to speak the hottest language on Earth hahaha


PS. Speaking of time-management. There’re many free apps you can easily find and download in AppStore (if you’re using Apple) or Android store (I guess there’s such a thing lol) that help you in learning the language. I choose Duolinguo. Just a great application! It keeps me on on the go, tracking my progress and actually SHOWS how much I’ve learnt so far. Might be a good tip for those who’re always short on time.

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