German / Spanish: Third Meeting

For this week’s meeting we went to Pyynikin kirkkopuisto. We decided to meet there because it was a great way to get out of the classrooms and enjoy the good weather outdoors. We could as well discover new Tampere’s places such as its library or Aleksanterin kirkko.


We started with Spanish by Christina telling us about her day. This time though and in order to make the conversation richer, we asked each other questions. This way, not only was she refreshing her Spanish vocabulary but also was listening and understanding what we told her, which she was really good at (although our Spanish accent might be messy).

Following the meeting, we mixed the German and Spanish teaching by learning the names of the days of the week and how to say when our birthday was in both languages.

Sonntag – Sunday – Domingo

Montag – Monday – Lunes

Dienstag – Tuesday – Martes

Mittwoch – Wednesday – Miércoles

Donnerstag – Thursday – Jueves

Freitag – Friday – Viernes

Samstag – Saturday – Sábado

It was a great teaching method breaking these words in what their parts mean. For example, we discovered that Mittwoch, Wednesday, was called like this because it meant something similar to middle week, which is when Wednesday is positioned. Similarly, most of the days ended in tag because it means day. For Spanish as well, we taught Christina that Martes can be remembered for its connection to the planet, Mars, which is Marte in Spanish. Given this, I strongly believe that creating these connections between the word and the meaning is a useful way of learning a language.

It was also great for this meeting the fact that we talked about our life so that we got to know each other. For example we discovered more about each other’s hometown, in Russia or Basc Country, as well as how people from this places had fun, broadening our cultural knowledge.

I hope therefore for our next meeting to keep this ways of learning language and each other active, discovering new ways of teaching and being taught, such as the mnemonics, as well as more of our countries.


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