Alphabet Pizza

For our second meeting Alex and I went to Pizza Napoli with a large group from our residence. I have started to write down all the German words I learn of course as I was doing this my Spanish friends insisted that I learn more Spanish words and I took this as an opportunity to revise my French.


As such I am able to easily see any similarities in the language. Although I have a reference for all the languages my primary focus will be on learning German.

We also took the time to revise the German I did know for example days of the week, numbers up to 5, please and thank you. Alex took this as an opportunity to communicate purely in English as there was such a mix of languages present it was the one common language. I feel he learned a lot of this and gained confidence in his use of the language as well as clarification on a few words he was unsure of.


At this point I feel i could recognise written words on a menu in German but I would struggle to remember and pronounce them without something to aid me.


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