Our first EOTO meeting with Taru and Davide  was on sunday and it went very well. We went to Särkänniemi to see view from this tiny hill where you could see the lake which was very nice. Afterwards we went to Sara Hilden`s art museum to see Ron Muecks exhibition. The exhibition was abaut ten sculptures, a series of photographs depicting the artist at work. The sculptures were very different and intersting what we have seen before. We learn some basic words and verbs that came up at the museum

Museo dell`arte = art museum

Torre = Tower

Bambino = Baby

Panchina = Bench

Sedersi = Sit

Alzarsi = Stand up

We learned personal pronouns and a couple of verbs suchs as:

Io = I

Tu = You

Lui(m), Lei(f), Egli = He, She

Noi = We

Voi = You

Loro/Essi = They



Mangiare =  Eat

Io mango = I eat

Tu mangi = You eat

Egli mangia = She/He eats

Noi mangiamo = We eat

Voi mangiate = You eat

Essi Mangiamo = They eat

We got to know to each other during the meeting and we went to eat after the museum. I`m looking forward to the next meetings 🙂

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