Tampereen Päivä!. Second meeting

It’s been two weeks or even more after my first attempts with small talks. Though I still can’t handle a conversation with Aino, I’ve learned so many common expressions and  vocabulary, and our next meeting was something about that.


We chose Tampere Day to take a look at some museums and get a little more involved in finnish culture. I get very motivated actually when I see that my partner actually understands at first my basic (and in some case stupid) expressions like:

  • Miten menee? / Hyvin kiitos
  • Miten se kirjoitetaan?
  • Etko puhu espanjaa? Miksi?

So after trying my basic baby talk we went to Muumilaakso, and the Ron Mueck exhibition. Then she pushed me to read some of the texts in finnish and try to figure out the meaning or just look for some common words like: käsi, valtameri, veistos, etc.

And yes, we couldn’t resist the new tunnel!. We went there also to check it out and enjoy all the activities around. So, as a resume I have to say that:

  • Vähän hieno!




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