Third meeting Uruguayan-German-Dutch

Hi everyone,

Last week we had our third meeting together. We arranged that we would meet in the Sky Bar, above the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni  in the city. On beforehand we discussed that we would watch football after that. Germany had to play that night and (especially) Bastian really wanted to see that. Besides the nice view we were watching, we also talked about our time in Finland so far and what is coming up next for us. The week after this meeting there is a holiday week. Therefore we will meet probably in week 43.

After the small talk we started to talk about eachothers languages again. I learned some new Spanish words and practiced the pronunciation as well. Here are some examples we talked about:

English – Spanish 

You’re welcome – De nada                                               How are you? – Como estas?

Good night – Buenos noches                                           Good day – Buenos dias

Good afternoon – Buenos tardes                                    What is your name? – Como te llamas?

My name is – Me nombre es






So far so good, I think if we gonna go on with our meetings like this we will be fine at the end of the period. We have enough things to do and I think we have enough to learn from eachother till the end of the period. The next time will take a will because of the holiday. Probably the next time we go to play some pool!

Kind regards,



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