Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache.

German is hard. Our 4th meeting was once again at TAMK and after a discussion on the differences between English and Scottish humour Alex taught me the endings of verb for example;

To Drink – trinken

Ich trinke

Du trinkst

Ihr/Er/Sie/Es trinkt

Wir/Sie trinken

We also covered, to read and to write. I have a feeling that Alex will be testing me on these the next time we meet and then introduce verbs that don’t follow the pattern. This is something that we don’t really have in English I drink, you drink, he drinks she drinks, we drink, they drink. The only addition is the ‘s’ on he and she. What usually changes is the tense present tense- I am drinking. Past tense- I went for a drink/ I drank. Future tense I am going to drink. However I have some familiarity with verb endings in French so was aware of their existence.

According to Duolingo I am now 8% fluent in German. I hope by the end of the term I’ll be at least a quarter of the way there and be able to have a short conversation with Alex. The people in my accommodation are very helpful and let me practice with them as well.

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