It was our second meeting.
For this appointment, we chose a very great location.
We met on the top of the torni hotel. It was very nice, because it was getting dark and the lights of  the buildings were shimmering very beautiful.
We had the idea to show Coralie and Javier a very popular game from Germany.
It is very common in Germany to meet friends and play games. Mainly in Bavaria card games are very famous.
We talked about “Stammtisch”. I´m sure you can find a “Stammtisch” in every village in Bavaria. Often this restaurant is placed in the heart of the village. Mostly a very traditional and simple looking location and it is almost everything is cheap. You can eat delicious traditional Bavarian dishes there.
By the way, dishes are very big in these restaurants, and almost all dishes are with very much meat, like “Schweinebraten” or “Schweinshax’n”.
The “Stammtisch” in that bar/restaurant is a special table. It is founded by a group of people, almost only men, who meet each other on at least one day a week.
Most of the time there will be only served beer, “Weissbier” or “Helles”. That are beverages, of what Bavaria is very famous for. While drinking beer, the group gambles some card games, famous ones are “Schafkopfen” and “Watten”. They play this game for money, so you shouldn’t disturb 😉
This group of men is known by the whole staff of this restaurant and of many other people, who visit this restaurant for having dinner. This is because they spend very much time there and have a very familiar relationship to the servants and the owner of that restaurant.
Sometimes you can even find a wooden sign hanging over this table, where it is written “Stammtisch”.
You have to know, that this place is always reserved for this group and you should take a seat on another table for having dinner.

But the game we showed is called “Rummikub”. It is a very easy game. In the beginning you have 14 pieces. On every piece is a number (1 – 13) and they have different colours (blue, black, orange and red).
You have to collect either four numbers in four different colours or a series of numbers in the same colour. Whenever you get one of this collections, you have to lay these combinations on the table. Then another player can add a number. One by one try to get all pieces away, to lay it on the table, because the goal is, that there is no piece left. If it is your turn and you have no combination, which you can lay on the table, you have to take one more piece. Maybe then you are able to make a move, otherwise the next player may try it.
The winner is that one, who achieve getting away the 14 pieces first.
We had some nice plays and I think everybody enjoyed that evening.
I´m sure there will be another evening, where we will play it one more time.2016-10-12-photo-00000175

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