9. EOTO Deutsch – Korean + 10. EOTO Deutsch – Korean

Sooo, for our 2 last meetings we thought that we could do one movie night and one Korean food night and so we did.

The first one to go was movie night at Eddie’s place. We firstly thought to watch a Korean movie but we thought it would be really difficult to follow the movie and so we went for a German movie, i actually don’t remember the title of the movie (pretty common for me) but Rossi remembers it for sure. So we prepared some popcorn and start watching the movie. It was a really nice comedy that could tell you a lot of how Germans talk, live and cooperate with each other.

During that time, Rossi expained us a lot of German movies and theaters and generally a lot of things related to arts that were really interesting and got us excited.

English / German / Korean

  • Movie/ Film / 영화
  • Theater / Theater / 극장
  • Art / Kunst / 미술
  • Comedy/ Komödie / 코메디
  • Thriller /Thriller /  스릴러


We learnt some famous German and Korean actors as well.

And for our last meeting we left the best.. FOOOOOOOD.

Am not that fun of Korean food because it’s too spicy for me but at least i tasted a small portion of Korean noodles.  It was good but toooooo spicy for me so i just kept eating some traditional chocolates that Eddie had.

But the other guys reallt enjoyed the whole meal as real fans of Korean food and they where so glad that they could taste it from a Korean friend.

English / German / Korean

  • Food/ Lebensmittel / 식품
  • Nuddles / Nudlen / 국수
  • Spicy / Würzig /  짜릿한
  • Chocolate / Schokolade / 초콜릿

This is the end of our meetings, I think that we will meet again with the guys and maybe we will still keep learning new things about our countries all the time and who knows maybe we will meet all together again in one of our cities.


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