Quinto incontro Finlandia/Italia

Today was our fifth meeting at Café Europa with Davide and Taru. We had a lot of fun talking about what had happened  last week and did some studying after 😉 Our mission was to learn the numbers, week days and months but the numbers took most of our time. Learning Numbers from 0-100 had surprisingly a lot of work but we had fun while learning them and at the end everyone knew quite a few numbers. After that Davide taught us Italian hand gestures and now we can communicate like proper Italians, right? 🙂

Something that we learned today:

1=uno 2=due 3=tre 4=quattro 5=cinque 6=sei 7=sette 8=otto 9=nove 10=dieci

20=venti 30=trenta 40=quaranta 50=cinquanta 60=sessanta 70=settanta 80=ottanta 90=novanta 100=cento 1000=mille 1000000=milione



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