A cup of Coffe, Kahvi or Kaffee?

We met at Thu’s and my apartment to have coffe and cookies and get to know each other a bit better.

We were talking about everyone’s language skills in the languages he/ she wants to learn. Satu definitely has a lot of work as she is the only finnish speaking person in our group but she already did a great job in the first meeting. She taught us how to order in a finnish café and we asked her a lot of  random words  f.e Maito, Kahvi, Tee, etc. In addition we learned how to use endings as “-ni,-si, -nsa/nsä, etc” in exchange for “minun, sinun, hänen, etc.”
Of course we also taught some German and Aybars and Satu learned useful expressions. Every word said in finnish was also translated into german and the other way around.
We really had a lot of fun with figuring out that many german words are also existing in finnish but are added with an “i” at the end. For example Banane -> Banani, Apfelsine -> Appelsini etc.

But after talking about some more or less useful  finnish and german expressions we even had a conversation about the finnish tax und healthcare system which was quite interesting.
Therefore we decided to also set information like this as one of our learning goals. Especially the differences in our country specific systems should be a topic.

All in all we had a really exciting and great first meeting and laughed a lot. Next time will hopefully come soon!

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