6. meeting in a café

Today’s meeting was in the café Europa. It’s a really nice and convenient place and, in addition, it was not as expensive as we had expected.

Firstly, we had a conversation about renting or buying a house. It’s really an interesting topic for me. I told her that in Austria people’s dream is to have a house in the countryside. However, many persons get into debt for this. It’s normally not a thing that people want to hear, if you say that you prefer renting a house instead of buying it. Joanne wasn’t sure how it’s the case in Scotland but she thought that the opinions of the people are quite mixed.

As we discussed about prepositions last time, Joanne looked the English rules up on the internet. There are three different usages for prepositions: For spacials, times and logical ones. There are quite good rules for the first two but not for the last ones. The article said that there are too many exceptions and even native speakers often don’t know how to explain it. However, natives have no problems with the prepositions.

Lastly, I told her about using the s in German, which already is a pretty difficult topic. I can remember that it was a big topic in elementary school for us native German speakers.

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