3rd Meeting 12.10. : Baking time

This meeting was all about munkkis this time. We had planned advance that we gonna bake munkkis ourselves(first time for both of us) so Katrin came straight after school to my place and we got to baking. I have seen how they are made and figured it is not too complicated so it would be fun to bake together. Since mama knows best, I asked her for the recipe and instructions and they really turned out to be better than I expected! Easy (& cheap) dough, fast to fry and so god damn delicious!

  • 3dl water (vesi/Wasser)
  • 2dl milk (maito/Milch)
  • 30g yeast (hiiva/Hefe)
  • 1dl sugar (sokeri/Zucker)
  • a hint of salt (suola/Salz)
  • 2 eggs (kananmuna/Ei)
  • 100g (soft) butter (or margarine) (voi/Butter)
  • approx. 13dl wheat flour (vehnäjauho/Weizenmehl)
  • 1l oil (öljy/Öl)
  • sugar

– Warm up the milk and water (about 37 degrees). Add the yeast, sugar &salt and eggs. Then butter and finally the flour one dl at a time while mixing the dough at the same time. The dought should be quite soft. Leave it in the mixing bowl and cover it with some baking cloth or something and let it be for about 15 minutes. Then do little buns of the dough, cover them and let it be for another 15 minutes. Heat up the oil (careful so it won’t get too hot–> fire). Take a bun, make a hole in it with your fingers and put in the hot oil. Turn it around when it gets nice brown color (fry it approx. 30-60sec/side).  Roll the munkki in a bowl of sugar and enjoy.

It was quite late when we finally were ready baking (22 Munkkis.. just enough for two) and we sat down to eat. Freshly baked munkkis just taste like heaven and I think we both ate like three of them. And at the same time we got to the actual topics which were yet again German and Finnish. Culture differences, tongue twisters of both languages , Katrin also taught me bit of pronunciation (which I find in some cases really difficult, such as the “throat R”).  We talked a lot and can’t even remember all the subjects, but everytime I meet Katrin I feel I learn something new, which is really nice.

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