German-Korean #10

Our 10th meeting was with some Korean food. Well actually I was supposed to prepare all different kind of Korean food, but I wasn’t really ready and I am really bad at cooking, so I just decided to make them try some Korean noodles. Korean noodles are actually one of the biggest meals that we eat, and I thought it would be good to make them try. And I brought the most common, basic one called “신라면 (Shin Ramyun)”, and it actually means “spicy noodles.” For Koreans, they are not so spicy, but it was definitely not spicy for Rossi whose tongue is slowing becoming a korean tongue – he can decently pronounciate some Korean words, say Korean words when he is drunk, and eat real spicy Korean foods.

Sadly Egi wasn’t so good with spicy food, so she just tried a small amount of Shin ramyun, but she didn’t really seem like enjoying it. I was actually thinking of bringing 불닭볶음면, which is the most spicy instant noodles in Korea, but I knew that Egi isn’t so good at spicy food, so I decided not to. But Rossi would have liked it!

So here is the end! This was our last meeting of EOTO. Well, the official end of it. I think we will meet again together and probably hangout more, maybe learn more stuff! These EOTO meetings definitely gave me some chances to learn more about Germany, and tell others about my country! It was a priceless opportunity.

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