German-Korean #2

Our second meeting was held in this cool cafe called 3DCrush Cafe that Egi chose. There was a “bunny room”, with these cute bunnies running around the room! We decided to have a meeting in that room, and it was a perfect place to learn languages with bunnies trying to smell my stinky feet every 10 seconds.

We got distracted by those bunnies in the beginning, but we eventually went into the learning mode. Rossi started off with a real German this time. We learned these personal pronouns and the right irregular be-verb for each of those pronouns.

Ich(I), Du(you), Er/Sie/Es(he/she/it), Wir(we), Sie(they), and another Sie for a formal “you.”

Ich bin, Du bist, Er/Sie/Es ist, Wir sind, Sie sind.

I have early learned these a couple of years ago, but since I forgot most of them, it was really fun to learn German again and to see how similar they are from English – it was much easier to understand than other languages.

Then it moved to my turn again, and this time I brought a presentation with me. I also told them some little history and basic cultures about Korea, and told them how we got separated into South and North as I was going through history stuff. Then like everybody wanted, I showed some of my own ways to distinguish who are Korean, Chinese, and Japanese when people see Asians. I usually look at their hairstyles and what they wear. They are not always right, but I can mostly see who’s from who by that, so I thought it would be a good tip for my group!

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