German-Korean #3

For today we decided to have a meeting at Egi’s place with FOOD 😀 We all went into the supermarket near Egi’s house, and bought some stuff to eat together. Our first idea was to make some typical Korean and German food, it was definitely hard to find right ingredients from regular supermarket in Finland. So we just moved that to other nights, and decided to go with.. just any kind of food we wanted at that moment.

We ended up making some pizza and grilled chicken, but we definitely had some learnings while we were eating. First I taught them what we normally say before we eat meals, “잘 먹겠습니다” – the literal meaning of this sentence is “I will eat well.” After few practices, they all pronounced them right, and we began eating! While we were eating, we taught each other some daily words, or what we usually say when we get calls from somebody and stuff. I also got to hear Rossi speaking German while he was on the phone his girlfriend! Real German sounded Perfect.

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