German-Korean #4

For today’s meeting, I decided to go over those Korean alphabets again, because they are completely new stuff for at least Egi, so I realized that it would be better to go over again to move on to the net step.

A hardest thing about teaching Korean is the pronunciation and the writing that down in English. I found a good teaching source from the internet, and followed what they show in the paper, but it was still really difficult to write down the pronunciation in English and make them understand the right sound of Korean. I was thinking of using those pronunciation alphabets, but yeah.

But gladly they followed well with what I’ve had, so it was good!

I told Rossi that I will be going to Germany for the autumn break on October, and Yen told us too that she will be going to Germany, so Rossi taught us some basics sentences to say and useful stuff to use in Germany.

Guten Tag (Hello), Danke/Dankeshön (Thank you), Bitte/Bitteshön (Please or you’re welcome).

and then I asked him how I say “Where is a toilet” in German, and it was

Wo ist die toilette?

I am going to use them all when I am in Germany for sure!

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