German-Korean #5

Fifth meeting! We usually have meetings on Mondays and Wednesday, but we decided to have this one on a friday, so Egi came up with this idea of going to a bar for the meeting. We went to Mallashowi bar and had some good talk with some good (cheap) beer.

We couldn’t do a proper teaching/learning Korean and German at a bar, so we decided to just chill and talk about our cultures and some other interesting topics if we had one. We talked about some religions in our countries. I told them that Buddhist and Christians are the majority, and the rest are either catholic christians or atheists. And I got to hear that there are two main christianity in Germany – Catholic and Protestants. We also had some other typical daily stuff happening in Germany and Korea.

Afterwards, we checked the northern lights forecast, and it said there’s a high chance to see one today, so we decided to go all together to Rauhaniemi, near where Rossi lives to see some northern lights.! Rossi and Egi had seen one already, but Yen and I haven’t seen one yet, so we were pretty excited.

It was pretty cold and pretty cloudy as well, but we eventually got Northern lights on our cameras even thought it was not as strong as usual. Just sitting on a table and learning languages might sometimes be overwhelming and boring, and it was a great idea to go out and do something together outside.

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