German-Korean #6

We all went on a Stockholm trip, and we decided to have our sixth meeting there since we had a lot of free time in the ferry. It might look like it wasn’t a proper way of learning and teaching stuff, but we feel so comfortable to each other, so I think it was really good to use this time to learn some new words and daily stuff!

Especially we could focus more on those words we use when we drink. We learned some good and useful German words from Rossi.

First thing we learned was that when we are ordering a beer, we have to say “Ein Bier,” which means one beer! Actually I was glad that it was just “Ein” not eine or eins. I still get easily confused with the genders.

After we all get our drinks on our hand, we finally could say “Prost”! And when we were with other German friend of us, Tobi, Tobi and Rossi taught me this phrase “Zum Wohl”, which means emptying the whole bottle or can!

While we were learning German, I also taught some Korean words for those same stuff. There are so many different words for cheers in Korean, and I taught some good ones.

First was “건배 (Gun Bae)” it is a most common word to use when you do cheers.

“Jjan (짠)” can be another one, but it is used mostly when you are drinking with friends, or close ones. The reason why there are two Js is because it has a strong sound of J. The hardest part of teaching Korean is writing Korean sound into English alphabets, because there is a limited way to express the sound. “Jjan (짠)” actually sounds more like “Chan(찬)” but it is supposed to be written as with the double Js.

And the most trendy, cool word for this is “Jeok sheo (적셔).” This is a total new thing that is going on among young Korean people, so if you are reading this, remember this word!!

So after all of this learning languages + drinking, 6 hours of Stockholm trip was so much fun!!

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