German-Korean #7

As always, we don’t really like sitting still and just learning and studying. So for our 7th meeting, we went to Klubi to watch these bands from Norway, Belgium and Sweden for this Kick-Off Club thing. Many of the songs were exciting and loud, but since we were there for EOTO, we decided to teach some words related to this while we were slowing losing interests on the music.

Rossi told us about German clubs, and “bar” and “club” are called same in German as it is in English. There are other things, but I couldn’t remember exactly right at this point writing this.

Those words are actually called differently in Korean.

Some of them actually have the same pronunciation as English, but you just have to pronunciate them with this Konglish sound.

Club – 클럽 (Keulloeb)

Band – 밴드 (Baendeu) – Actually it is written with B, but it actually has a stronger sound of B, more of P sound.

Stage – 무대 (Mudae)

Concert – 콘서트 (Konceoteu) / 공연 (Gongyeon)

I think it was a great chance of learning words in different languages in a club with some fund European music!

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