German-Korean #9

For our 9th meeting, we decided to have a German movie night at my place. Since I have a TV at my place, Rossi brought his laptop with the movie. We had some popcorns while we were watching the movie. I have seen German comedy movies before, and what I remember about them was that it wasn’t so funny to me, maybe it was because they have a different sense of humor from Korean. It was just different, but still interesting!

The name of the movie Rossi brought was, Kienorhasen. It was a romantic comedy movie, and it was so good to watch things like that in a different language. Honestly I couldn’t pay much attention on the story of the movie, because I was trying more if there are any German words that I would know, and more on their libs and everything. It was distracting, but still so good!

I asked several questions to Rossi about some German words that I don’t know while we were watching the movie, but I forgot to write them down, so couldn’t write them down here either. But this was definitely one fun meeting!

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