In the tower on the hill

Our following couple of posts will appear unchronologically, as Helena will cover the second (disc golf) meeting and the third meeting where we played some music. This is about our third.

We were planning on seeing a film in the cinema, but plans changed, and ended up going to the Pyynikin näkötorni, the tower on the hill.

I’ve lived about as close to the tower as one can, for two years, though I’ve never been up there. I’m not sure why. Anyway, that’s where we went.

We were there just before closing time, and it was dark. I was sincerely hoping they wouldn’t lock us out in the cold while we were there, seeing as how they were closing any minute. Helena made a remark about not minding sleeping under the stars. As I tried to confirm her saying in Czech (just for a challenge), I got the preposition a little wrong. I said “Mohla bys spát nad hvězdami.” “You could sleep above the stars.” This is when I got to thinking about the book The Little Prince = Pikku prinssi = Malý princ, which is published in almost every language one can think of. I once had the idea that the book could be really good for language learning. That’s why, a half-year ago, I read it in German (but I wasn’t really challenged), and recently I thought I could do the same in Czech. Or maybe in the near future. If one knows the story, one can probably follow the story adequately despite not knowing each word.

This is what rushed through my head. Helena said she has read the book, too. Maybe we could try to find the book both in our respective languages and compare them!

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