International Food Night: The 4th Meeting


We had our fourth meeting quite spontaneously right the next day after our 3rd meeting. Katrin happened to mention during our 3rd meeting that she was about to go to this international food night at Tamko the next day with her sister and sister’s friends and somehow we got the idea that I could join them.

The idea was that everybody brings something to eat that is common in one’s home country. Due to the fact that I got to know about this event one day advance and I was busy during the day, I decided to make the good old makaronilaatikko. Easy and fast and most definitely common food in Finland. Katrin and her sister and friends had made these few German food which names I cannot remember! Some sausage-onion.. mix? and this super weird (but tasty) cheese-beer thingy that you could dip your brezels into.

There were lots of different food people had brought there so we ate and tried plenty of different food and had a nice time. Was also nice to meet her sister and her German friends.  They were thinking of going to see the northern lights later that evening since some app said that there is a high chances to see them that night. I also was thinking about going to see them if they will since (not that I could recall at least) I have never see them myself (and to be honest I didn’t even know that you can see them in Tampere too.. not that often at least. I really felt a bit dumb that these German people know these things better than me 😀 ), but eventually I didn’t go and I figure neither did any of them since it was quite cloudy. Maybe someday.


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