26/10/2016 – 4th meeting Hungarian/French

Today, I meet Rebeka and Tamás in the MacDonald in the center to have dinner. It was a pleasure to see them because the last meeting was one month ago! In fact, we travelled a lot and we did not have time to see each other for Each one teach one.

During this meeting, we talked about French and Hungarian drinks. I learnt that Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy which has different flavors like plum (‘szilva’ in hungarian), apple (‘alma’), pear (‘körte), apricot (‘barack’) and other flavors. They told me that Pálinka is considered as the national Hungarian drink. I was really impressed because Tamás knew a lot of things about this topic. Even Rebeka didn’t know all of these things that Tamás said!

After, I talked about French wines which are quite famous. Tamás knows some of them and he also knows a lot of things about French drinks in general. We talked about the various regions, the grapes, the cellars, and a little bit about the spirits. Finally, we spoke about how to serve wine in France. I know some things about this topic but Tamás taught me more while he is Hungarian! It was quite interesting.

I learnt few words:

  • Wine: Bor
  • Spirits: Szeszes italok
  • Soda: Szóda
  • Drinks: Italok
  • Grapes: Szőlő

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