Fourth Meeting _ German / Spanish board games

Meanwhile it getting colder and that was the reason why we chose Mallashovi, the student bar, for our fourth meeting. I like the bar from the beginning because they offer different kind of games and a relaxed atmosphere. We tried to learn a lot of vocabularies in the last meetings and talked a lot about German and Spanish languages and I noticed it was a bit to much or exhausted for my german pupils. They tried to keep everything in mind and did a great job but of course it is not possible to learn so many things in this short time. Thats why we decided to try something different. What about a board game? There are a lot of games examples for german learners and for children 🙂 with many funny pictures and examples. So we chose some of them, printed and  needed only a dice and some small pieces to moving forward on the board game. Thanks to the new technology we could use a dice app and our coins. So let the games begin!


The first game looked very colorful and not really difficult. The main task was to pronounce and to find the right word for the existing pictures. It worked well, especially the number tasks loved everyone :D. And for me as the freetime spanish speaker was again nice to repeat all the everyday objects.

The second game looked a bit more difficult. But my purpose was only the reading part. The german pupils should get a feeling for the german language and here were the sentences quite short and simple to read. At first I translated everything in english to give them an Idea about what its about and than we translated everything in spanish.


It was really nice and relaxed. A change is as good as a rest. It made a lot of fun, I hope and guess for everyone :). And all are still motivate to learn something new.

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