6th and 7th meeting: Malaysian food!

Hi! So again two meetings in one post. The reason for this is our 6th meet was in Malaysian restaurant Borneo on Ilmarinkatu. And the second meeting was about the series about food from different cultures made by Ville Haapasalo. Ravintola Borneo was in that series! You can watch the episode here.

20161027_123032So. We were at Borneo last week during lunch time. They of course have menus where you can choose what to eat but also they have a buffet. They serve some rice (normal and curry) in buffet. Then they have some chicken or beef and some vegetables and onions. I tasted curry rice and some rendang chicken. I loved it! The white chips in the picture are called keropok. In Finnish katkarapulastu (shrimp chip). It was better than you could imagine! Like. For me it was like eating them all the time like snacks. And the whole buffet thing was only 10 € and eat all you can! How awesome. Definitely have to go there again…

And the series. Villen keittiö 30 minuutissa (Ville’s kitchen in 30 minutes) is the name of the series and the episode is just Malesia the second episode of the series. It’s all Finnish but what we did was Chrystal trying to follow and sometimes ask me some words she couldn’t understand. We were supposed to watch other episode too but somehow we spend over two hours watching one episode because sometimes when discussing some words we ended up to side tracks (like, how people name their babies in Finland and Malaysia). Actually we watched a part from other series Ville Haapasalo has made, Silkkitie (Silk Road). FYI, Ville Haapasalo is famous person travelling for example Russia and making series and books about Russia or former Soviet Union countries.

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