Fourth meeting “Basic Spanish cuisine”

For this 4th meeting we decided to meet in the Tanja and Magdalena  house on 3.11.2016. It is a wonderful house far from the center surrounded by nature and some houses and with a chimney to heat whole building.

The aim of this meeting was showing to the rest of the group how to cook the most famous and easiest dish of the Spanish cuisine, the Spanish omelet. Moreover, we were learning some vocabulary related with the ingredients and the kitchen tools which we need to cook it.

Cooking potato omelet



Spanish                                                                French                                                   German

tres patatas                                                     trois patates                                        drei kartoffeln

una cebolla                                                       un oignon                                             eine zwiebel

Cinco huevos                                                    cinq oeufs                                               fünf Eier

Sal                                                                                sel                                                            Salz

Aceite de oliva                                                   l’huile d’olive                                       Olivenöl


Spanish                                                                French                                                   German

Una sartén                                                          une poêle                                                eine Pfanne

Una espátula                                                    une spatule                                            ein pfannenwend

Un batidor                                                           un fouet                                                 ein Schneebesen

Un cuenco/ una ensaladera                       un saladier                                              eine schössel

Finally, when we were having dinner, we were talking about our next cooking meeting and what they are thinking in cooking, and overall we were talking about the different dishes from other countries. I was talking about the different kind of

Bavarian breakfast
Bavarian breakfast

“paellas” in Spain and which are the ingredients: “kitchen paella”, “seafood paella”, “paella valenciana”; and the different kinds of “tortilla”: “de patatas”, “de chorizo”,… In return, the German girls were talking basically about the different German sausages. However, for me, the most awesome thing was getting to know the typical Bavarian breakfast made-up by beer (¡in the morning!), “weissewurst” (a traditional Bavarian sausage), and “pretzel” (baked bread product).



¡Buen provecho!, Bon Appetite!, Guten Appetit!

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