Language Lesson in TAMK

Last time we tried to fix all our forthcoming appointments. We noticed, that it is not that easy to find many days, on which all of us are free.
For this meeting we used the time between the classes. We had almost 2 hours and met in the cafeteria at TAMK for lunch and finally started our first language lesson.

It was very nice to see how much fun it is to speak about different languages and learn some vocabularies.

As our next appointment will be the first cooking event, we decided to translate the most important things which you can find in the kitchen.
Coralie is from France, Javier from Spain and Tanja and I from Germany, so we had to translate all these selected words into French, Spanish and German.
It was crazy to see how different German is compared Spanish and French. The pronouncing itself is very different. Sometimes it was a bit hart to pronounce some of the words the right way, because my tongue isn’t used to roll the letter „R“ like the Spanish people do.
Another thing, which is very mean, almost all words have another gender than in German.
Fortunately there are just two kinds of articles in French an Spanish; just the feminine article „La“ (same in French and Spanish) and the masculine article  „le“ (French) and „el“ (Spanish).
In addition German has one more article, the neuter. I think this will be hard for Coralie and Javier to remember.
But reading German words is really easy. You always pronounce it the same way the words are written.
That’s one of the most difficult things for me to read the French and Spanish words correctly.
Coralie explained, if a word ends with „-eau“, „-aux“ or „-on“, it sounds the same.
And Javier said, if the letter „c“ is surrounded by two vowels, you pronounce it in another way. Otherwise it sounds like a „k“.

One by one translated the words to their mother-tongue. As a result we got a list of useful words, which we can repeat on our next appointment, when we will meet in Tanja’s and my apartment for having dinner together.
Javier will prepare a typical Spanish dish, Tortilla. I’ve never tried it. So I am really looking forward to do that!

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