Coffee and a Cake!

Once again Alex and I went for coffee, or a hot chocolate in my case. I quite like the relaxed atmosphere of cafes and trying out different coffees and cakes.

Unfortunately our visit was cut short due to a fire alarm but Alex and I discussed the differences in Austrian and Scottish education systems. There are many similarities when it comes to learning a more practical career or “vocational skills” such as joinery, masonry, hairdressing and beauty. At home students would usually go to college instead of university however there are some university that also offer these courses. After some classroom work students would then go and have and work in the industry. The employer would then help the student achieve the tasks set by the college and gain more skills however if the employer does not feel that the student is ready for something they can prevent them from completing tasks.

This week I also watched a German film called Das Weisse Band or The White Ribbon. The film was in German with English subtitles and I was surprised at how many words I recognised without the help of the subtitles. I still have a long way to go but my German vocabulary is slowly and surely growing.

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