Fazer Cafe

Meeting number 7 took place in the Fazer Cafe which was great as I have been wanting to visit since I first arrived.

Alex and I discussed how the American spelling of many words in English has become more acceptable and also the American meaning for some words. This could be why people trying to translate something using Google have such a hard time.

We also examined the differences between using the past tense and the perfect past tense. This was quite difficult for me as it was not focused on too heavily in school. However I quite like that my own understanding of English is improving as well. The use of the words gone and been were practiced as Alex was wondering if he could say “I have gone there”. This is not possible as if you have gone you can not be present to tell me you have gone, admittedly this get a little confusing with telephone calls. If you are present and have returned then you have been somewhere, the past participle of the word be. However you can say he/she has gone etc. Another option is to say  that you went there.

Alex then taught me how to ask for things in German “I would like” is “Ich möchte”. unfortunately I cannot use this in Finland but I can practice with the other Germans in my accommodation.


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