Joulu Ruokia. Third meeting

So here we are again, this time due to the cold and recent snow we couldn’t manage to do any outdoors activities. For this time Diana and Aino had prepared some special surprise: typical finnish christmas food, “Joulu ruokia”.


There was glögi, piparkakku, riisipiirakka (karjalapiirakka) and leipäjuusto.

Glögi its a flavoured drink to be served hot and very similar to tea. Very nice!. I found out that’s what we call “ponche” in Spain, and by the way, I had never tried that there!. That is suppossed to  be drunk along with some piparkakku cookies (galletas de jengibre).


I had already tried the riisipiirakka or karjalapiirakka, what I didn’t now is that a real finn puts some sliced eggs and a bit of butter on it, and that combination was just awesome.

And finally the leipäjuusto which is a weird cheese they call bread cheese for its similar looks to bread, very nice to use with some saladas or kebab.


Meanwhile we were talking about the culture differences, specially when growing up and family and the different school systems.

Next time, my turn to cook! :/

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