JAP/FIN 5th Meeting 7.11.

Again, we met at the TAMK main campus library, only three days after our last meeting. This time we mostly focused on language and didn’t drift that far from the subject as we usually do. Having said that, we did talk about the popularity of tango music in Finland, for example. This time I got a good amount of notes though and was once again reminded how useful this course can be. Here’s some of the things Nao taught me:

Instead of asking ‘do you want to drink coffee?’, the Japanese might ask コーヒーを要りますか (koohii wo irimasuka) which means ‘Do you need coffee?’

やばい! (yabai!) = “That’s sick!”, “Amazing!” or in a way also “What a pretty girl!”

ほんとうにもうしわけありません (hontoo ni mooshiwake arimasen) = a very deep apology meaning “I really have no excuse for what I’ve done, no way out”

We also discussed discounts in stores. In Finland it’s very common to have this “Buy 3, Pay for 2” discounts. In Japan this is not at all that common BUT the way it’s expressed is interesting: ふたつかったら、みっつめがついてくる(futatsu kattara, mittsume ga tsuitekuru) meaning ‘if you buy two, the third one will follow’.

さいふどっかいった (saifu dokka itta) = ‘my wallet went somewhere'(=I lost my wallet)


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