JAP/FIN 6th meeting 10.11.

This time we had arranged a double meeting with Ryoko and Ada at Ada’s place. So on Thursday evening after my Japanese class I took a bus from the city to Lielahti. When I arrived there the girls were there already and food was on the table. We ate カレーライス(curry rice) which is a popular delicacy in Japan. The food was awesome and while eating we discussed some rather interesting topics.

This time we didn’t study languages like we normally do on these meetings but it was interesting to listen to the three speaking Japanese, recognizing single words here and there. I think the pairings on this course in our cases are perfect since Ada and Ryoko are both quite advanced in each others’ languages while me and Nao are both beginners. I have to say that in terms of only studying the languages this group meeting idea would probably not be that good but as a casual evening with friends it was fun.

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