Spanglish #8

Hey there everybody! Hola :3

So, the calendars are apparently lying and the winter has already come  to town, thus we’re down for indoors activities.

A while ago I was telling you about my old grammar book, so, yay, eventually I got it delivered right to my door (God bless post services)! It was a sign to make our studying/learning session happen at my place! I have also found (literally in the attic) the greatest study book ever — Cambridge English for the Media. There’s the best glossary to look through and tones of assignments to do to improve your English skills overall!



While Edgar was acting like a proper student (with a use of my magic grammar book, of course), I was repeating Spanish seasons and months and was trying to come up with a random dialogue as if I were to appear in Spanish store and was trying to buy, hmm, let’s say tobacco(TABACO, makes no difference to me hehe). We almost got into a fight because he kept on laughing on my best Spanish accent ever (Por queeeeee?). Anyway, we spent a great and productive time. Oh, and I’ve also learnt to laugh like a Spanish person, typing. It’s easy, here, goes like this: ajajajaja :3

So, seasons in Spanish are (remember, ya’ll!!)

  • Spring — la primavera( yes, just like the festival! now it’s quite obvious to me why it annually  takes place in May)
  • Summer — el verano ( hmm no associations to accidentally pop up)
  • Autumn/Fall — el otoño (quite similar to “autumn”, easy to remember)
  • Winter — el invierno(easily might turn out to be a spell from Hogwarts)



We’re off for a coffee break! Cheers!

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