5th meeting with Ryoko / 10.11.2016

In this meeting, it wasn’t actually just the two of us…! Toni and Nao from our class that are also taking part in EOTO joined us. 😀 We had been in talks with Nao and talked about how fun it would be to cook some Japanese dish at my place all four of us – so that’s what we did!

During our last meeting with Ryoko, we decided that we would make Japanese curry (カレーライス) at my place. It’s one of the most loved dishes in Japan and pretty easy to make! You only really need some vegetables of your choice (we used carrots, potatoes and onions), meat (we used pork this time) and the special curry blocks. You can get those here in Finland as well (East Asia Mart for example). You don’t need any additional spices or seasoning if you use those. 🙂 It’s usually served with rice but I’ve heard that some people eat it with noodles as well.

Ryoko and I got to my place first. While waiting for the others, we put the rice to soak and played this Japanese learning game I have on my Nintendo DS. When Nao arrived, we started really cooking. Toni would join us later.

Ryoko playing my Japanese game 😀


Cooking process…
These are the curry blocks we used. They come in different spiciness levels: 甘辛 (amakara, mild), 中辛 (chuukara, medium), 辛口 (karakuchi, hot). This time we used 中辛.

And here’s the final result!


I think it took us a bit over an hour to make this curry. We added the whole packet of the curry blocks because we like it to be a bit thicker. After a while Toni arrived and we started eating. It had been a while since I had curry and maybe that’s why it tasted so delicious!! Except playing the game we didn’t really do any studying this time, only chatting in a mix of Japanese, Finnish and English but I think that’s fine sometimes too. 😉

We also had some 納豆 (natto) as a side dish. It’s a food made of fermented soybeans that you usually either really love or hate. Both the taste and smell are quite strong and the texture is quite slimy which might not be very appealing to some… 😀
Toni, Ryoko and Nao 🙂


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