FIN – JAP 6th meeting

We, Toni and Ada and Ryoko had a meeting at Ada’s place on 10th Nov. Thursday and made Japanese Curry rice!!

Ada and Ryoko are doing E1T1, too. Their level is very advanced, Ada speaks Japanese like real Japanese girl and Ryoko speaks fluent Finnish. What I love is sometimes Ada even uses Osaka direct, which is Ryoko and I use always.

We talked a lot, about school and plans for exchange and all. Curry rice was amazing, Ada’s place was beautiful, it was such a brilliant meeting we had.

Also we ate Natto(納豆), Ryoko loves it and I love it, couldn’t eat much because was so full with curry rice though, then Ada said it was okay, Toni seemed hate it already. But I’m pretty sure if you try it two more times, you’ll find yourself eating it almost everyday.

I should have taken more pictures but you can check out how great the curry was on Ada’s post.

It was freezing cold outside at that night, I profoundly felt that I am in Finland!


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