Terzo incontro: Piñata e Tiramisù

Ciao a tutii!

What about a traditional tiramisù prepared for a Italiana ragazza after a time since our last meeting? Arianna and I agreed to meet this time to make a piñata and try an Italian dessert, and I must say that was delizioso! She prepared the tiramisù beforehand to keep her recipe in secret :D, hahaha, and also to save some time to make the piñata.

Make a piñata is easy, but it requires time and patient; so we had too much time during the process to continue with our learning, both cultural and linguistic. The first thing to share was our recipes to make tiramisu and to prepare engrudo –homemade glue made with flour.

As we have seen that there are lights in city centre due to Christmas time is coming additionally with the arrival of snow, we started to talk about special traditions in our countries. Arianna told me about her favorite dessert pandoro o panettone, which seems to be really nice –I would like to try it once.

Starting to talked about our families and our surnames, we said which family names are more common in our regions; as her is not as usual in Italy, mine is so common in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. She also explained me how the names of some Italian dishes are related with the region where they come from. I was surprised when I discover that probably milanesa (as we called a special way to cook a fillet steak) comes from “alla Milanese” that means form Milan, and where they also prepare the steak as I know it.

It was interesting to see how Arianna was quite confused when I started to ask her for a balloon and newspaper for the piñata, but at the end she understood what the function of each one was. We had too much fun making it, and we still have to decorate it –another challenge for our next meeting.

Alla prossima volta!

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