02/11/2016 – 5th meeting Hungarian/French

This week, we met at my place in Toas Pinja in the center.  There was not only Tamás  and Rebeka, but also Béla and a friend of Rebeka. They are  also from Hungary so I was the only French student with four hungarian.

This meeting was quite similar to the last one, but we spoke about food. They presented their traditional food, and they illustrated it with various pictures so it was easy for me to understand. Then, I chose a typical Hungarian food that they will cooked at the next meeting: chicken paprikash.

After, we talked about French food (galettes, coq au vin, quiche lorraine, ratatouille…) and I show them some pictures. At the same time, we shared a bottle of french wine to try because French wine are famous.

See you next time for the Hungarian dinner!02-11-2016

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