The second time

Making food at Annas home

Our second meeting with Anna was 12.10.2016.

First we had planned that we go to the forest but our plan changes because I had to change the day when we see each other. The only time that was suitable to both was Wednesday at 19.00 so we decided that we don´t go to the forest because it is so dark in the evening. We decided to cook food at Annas home. We decided that this time Anna decides what we cook and next time is my turn.

We went to the shop and bought ingredients for food and went to Annas home. Anna cooked potatoes and leek soup which is her mother´s recipe.

The soup was good and healty food I think.

It was fun to make food with Anna. I went home when it was almost 23.00. I was so tired and I noticed that I cant understand anymore anything that Anna spoke to me. My brains were too tired to translate from English to Finnish. I spoke Finnish accidentally when I should have spoken English.

I learned some new word which is in box under the text. I think that it is so much more easier learn new language when your only way communicate is that language. I think that is also easier studying with somebody than sit in some classroom because you can get right answers inmidiatly. When you are in English class you much always waiting for teacher help and you have to recpect other student. Sometimes you have to wait your turn long time to ask something and you will forget your guestions.

Some things that Anna has taught to me

immediately = heti

As soon as you wake up = heti herättyäsi/herätettäsi

leek/s = purjo/ purjot

potatoes and leek soup = peruna purjo keitto

pure = sose

weight = Punnita


Hintalappu = price sticker

piste = todt

piste = period (blog text)

ingredients = tarvike

recipe = resepti

smoke = polttaa

Space =yhteen


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