6th meeting with Ryoko / 22.11.2016

This time our meeting took place at our lovely school, TAMK. 😀

Ryoko was already at school and when I arrived we first went to have lunch together to the cafeteria. After eating a good meal, we moved to the library to do some serious studying. haha

We started with Ryoko’s Finnish class homework. She had previously held a presentation about the Japanese film director, Hayao Miyazaki and now had to write about it in Finnish. She had already written half a page and I helped her to correct some phrases so that they would be more fluent and easy to understand. Ryoko is really making lots of effort to learn Finnish 🙂

After that, I studied some JLPT sample questions while Ryoko was helping me by giving me some hints and tips .. 😀 After finishing with those questions, in a way I felt a bit more confident with my skills. I don’t know all the material and I know I still have to work hard for the time there’s left but I’m starting to feel like I could maybe pass the exam! haha

Only a week left!!!


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