German / Spanish Tenth Meeting

For our last meeting we decided to make something different so we went to Kissakahvila Purnauskis, Tampere’s Cat Cafe. It was a great place to learn German and Spanish — since many expressions and words could come to our minds — as well as a fantastic way to do our last meeting more interesting. It was therefore an amazing cultural and linguistic chance.


The topics we treated focused mainly on talking about things we saw in the café. Therefore, we tried saying sentences about the cats in German and Spanish asking the words we did not know. Some of the vocabulary and expressions that came up were:

I have a cat / Ich habe eine kater / Yo tengo un gato

Relaxed / Entspannen / Relajado

Fat cat / Dicke katze / Gato Gordo

It was great discovering how informal vocabulary, completely useful for everyday life, came to our minds much easier in this relaxed ambience. This was the case of expressions like the Spanish one “Qué mono!”, how cute, or the German “Es war ein wunderbares treffen”, it was a great meeting, “Fue un buen día” in Spanish. The whole cat café learning experience reminded me of the games I used to play in english classes to learn words. In this sense, it was clear more than ever that learning through something fun is still completely a great method to get into a language, which in this case also pushed us to practice our speaking skills.

Since this meeting is the last one I would like to take some time to reflect on the whole Each One Teach One process and the outcomes of it. First of all, I think that from a linguistic point of view EOTO has been a great way to introduce myself into the German language, getting a grasp of it. I consider specially important in this sense the relaxed and fun ambience we have kept, full with stories to remember the words better. I strongly believe as well that this whole experience has been great to see ourselves as “teachers” and think more about our language. In this sense, it has been rewarding seeing Christina improve her Spanish level.

As well as language is the base of our learning process this has been equally cultural. EOTO has been mind-broadening, not only for getting to know more about each other’s country but also to see new ideas on language and ways of learning. In this sense, I strongly believe that this cultural process has a clear positive outcome in our studies; having the chance of getting to know a native speaker and its culture motivates you to keep learning.


And finally but not least, Each one teach one has been a great way of getting to know our teammates, sharing time with them and creating great learning, cultural and social experiences in Tampere.

Bis bald! / See you soon! / Hasta pronto!

David Vargas Pons

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  1. David, it’s hard to put into words how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts, even though I haven’t had the time to comment on them. I’m so glad that your team worked this well and that you obviously feel this was a very positive experience overall. Thanks for being a part of this and all the best!

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