Sixth meeting in a cafe

When we were discussing about the place to our next meeting we mentioned how great was the last one.

So, we repeated the cafe, Runo Kahvi, where we met last time. We’d really enjoyed talking about literature and different authors, but this time we tried with some new expressions that we use in our daily conversations.

We looked up on internet some Spanish quotes and expressions and we explained to Christina, then she could find it in German. It was funny in different ways how can we say the same, even in different cultures.

Lo siento – Es tut mir leid – I’m sorry
Tiene pájaros en la cabeza – Einën vogel haben – You have birds on your head
Quedarse de piedra – Es hat mich vom Hocker – Be shocked/surprised
Estoy muy cansada – Ich bin fix und fertig – I’m exhausted


We had a nice morning and good chatting. I realized that learning German would be difficult due to the many differences in the language but at least I learnt a lot of things related to that. And we find some similarities:

Aus einer Mücke einën Elefanten – Convierte un mosquito en un elefante – They exaggerate everything, they become a mosquito in a elephant.

And one surprising phrase: Das kommt mir Spanisch vor – Me suena a chino
The German say Spanish language is incomprehensible, when they say something and you don’t understand what they are talking about. In Spain, we say it relating to Chinese language.

For the next meeting, David and I decided to start looking for something in order to help Christina to be easier the learning process.


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