9th meeting – Christmas vibes

Since I like Christmas so much, I wanted us to visit the stable yard – Tallipiha. This was just to get a hint of the Christmas spirit with all the lights and candles they have there. We arrived sadly a bit late15292792_10154749593272630_1627510163_o so all the little shops weren’t open any longer but we were lucky to get to visit some of them. First we visited the chocolate shop Suklaapuoti. They were super friendly to explain about the different products they are selling and we got to try the amazing truffles they have. Those are the only truffles made in the northern countries, actually in Sweden. Totally worth going there and trying those out! Sam even purchased some of those to enjoy them later on as well at home. In the other shop they even had a couple of sheeps and a 9-years-old donkey called Ukko.

After visiting some of the little shops it was getting cold and we needed something warm to drink. What would be better than warm Glögi? So we sat down and ordered one each. Sam was surprised that I knew the german word glühwein, which is the German version of glögi. Here are some of the Christmas related words I learned:

Weihnachtsmann – joulupukkitallipihan_suklaapuoti_4733

Weihnachtsbaum – joulukuusi

Heiligabend – jouluaatto

Weihnachtsgeschenk – joululahja

Fröhliche Weihnachten – Hyvää Joulua

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