Cafe Amurin Helmi

On Sunday 16.11. we decided to go to a cafe. We chose the cafe Amurin Helmi. It is a cosy place with nice food and a lot of space and it is close to the city center, so if you are looking for a place to stay with your friends, I can recommend it.

That day was snowing the whole afternoon and it was very cold so I think we made a right decision to stay inside. We took some cake and coffee (hot chocolate) and spent our time talking about the differences between universities in Finland and in the Czech Republic, the school system, structure of the lessons and so on. We also discussed some czech grammar for example the confusing fact that if you use a time expression, you can use a present tense when talking about the future.  

I also learned a few finnish words such as:

Lautanen – Plate

Kakku – Cake

Lusikka – Spoon

Kuppi – Cup

Pöytä – Table

Tuoli – Chair



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